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Business By Designs, LLC



Business by Designs has your business’ best interest at heart, including your clients, when creating your strategy to set up a company and preparing your business to excel to the next level.  We believe, in order to experience the full benefits of your business, you must have a plan, the strategies to fulfill your plan and an organized back office to create and experience the reward for your successful business.


Our team at Business by Designs are professional, down to earth and highly educated in assisting you and your team to set-up your business entity, creating or updating your Business Plan, Marketing Strategy and Accounting/Bookkeeping, to run efficiently, accurately, and expeditiously.  Additionally, we provide continued support for reconciliation and preparation for general liability and workman’s comp audits.  Business by Designs can help facilitate your team in implementing your new plan while monitoring changes that can be made along the way. 


Accounting/Bookkeeping can be a business owner’s biggest nightmare.  Our team can provide monthly accounting/bookkeeping services to help maintain your books such as reconciliation of bank accounts, credit cards and accounts payable.  Manage and provide accounts receivable, payroll, financial reports and more.

Working Together To Create Success!

Business By Designs LLC guides our clients in critical areas such as strategic planning, marketing, organization, internal operations, technology and sustainability to navigate them through growth and avoid potential pitfalls.


Our solutions are designed to empower companies to make decisive moves towards success without the hesitation of having to second guess the impact it will make on the company as a whole.

Kari Longenbaugh

Founder & CEO

Kari has been in Business Consulting for over 19 years. She began her career as a Business Financial Planner in Irvine California in 2000.  She has extensive knowledge in business planning, company marketing strategy and accounting.  She has owned her own company for the last 15 years.  Kari enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 boys. Her passion is traveling, riding off road vehicles, and water sports.  


Thank you for contacting us. One of our team members will contact you as soon as possible.

Business By Designs LLC

Tel: 480-244-1841

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