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Time to design a plan to achieve your vision of success!

At Business by Designs we focus on small business who need every advantage to grow.

We provide the necessary services you need to grow your business.  Whether you are just

opening up, or need guidance moving your current busines to the next level, we are here to 

help you accomplish your goals!


Design a plan to achieve the vision for your business.


Provide guidance with different tools in the industry

to streamline your workflow while increasing

productivity for you and your team.


Starting a business is Fun, Exciting but Scary all at the same time!

Business By Designs will walk you through each step of your business start up,

ensuring everything is in order to get your business running smoothly from the very beginning.

    1. Market Research (Find the Need or Want for your product or service)

    2. Assist in your Business Plan 

    3. Budgeting and Analysis

    4. Location

    5. Create your Business Structure (LLC, S Corp, C Corp LTD, PC, Non-Profit)

    6. Register Your Company and/or DBA

    7. Obtain and set up EIN & State tax ID 

    8. Apply for City License & Permit (Contractors need additional Licenses)

    9. Open Bank Accounts

   10. Purchase accounting software

   11. Hire or assign an accountant/bookkeeper


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What is the purpose of creating your Marketing Strategy?

Building a marketing strategy can save you thousands and make you millions if you use the right marketing strategy for your business.  Know your clientele, be different than your competitors. 


Few questions to ask yourself:

    1. Are you Branding your company?

    2. Are you taking advantage of all Free Marketing?

    3. What works & what doesn't?

    4. Is your marketing material structured to capture your prospects eye?

    5. Do you have a budget?

    6. How are you tracking your marketing (CRM System)

    7. Do you maintain a Sales Team

    8. Do you pay out commissions (what is the structure)

    9. Referral Programs

Today Digital Marketing is the #1 way to market successfully.  However, it can be time consuming at first and cost a lot of money until you learn the secrets. It is important to set a Strategy to create success. Don't spend unnecessary money where it does not work for your clients.

Setting up a Marketing Strategy is vital to your business. Let's get started!!! 

Create a Strategic Marketing Plan that works within your budget and captures your client's eye. 

Our Team can help you from the start to ensure you have a successful business, while helping you each step of the way as your company grows. 

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Clean up Bookkeeping Services

At Business By Design we offer bookkeeping clean up to prepare your company for tax season, audits, and more.  Keeping your records clean is important for may reason and we understand business' can get busy and fall behind.  


Bookkeeping Services Offered 

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Accounting Software Installation & Setup

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Bank Reconciliations


Conversions from Desktop to Online Systems

Financial Statement Preparation

Troubleshooting & Training

Telephone Consultations

Remote Bookkeeping

Payroll Services

At Business By Designs we offer payroll set up services along with payroll processing.  With our payroll services our clients no longer need to be burned with processing payroll & taxes.  Our team can keep you up to date on the new laws & regulations and help you to implement new regulations & requirements. 

Audit Preparation Services

Our Team has extensive training in preparing and conducting audits for General Liability Insurance & Workman's Comp Insurance.  It can be very time consuming if you must learn the audit process and gather information you need to be prepared.  Business By Designs can help you prepare for your audit to impress your Auditor to make a smooth audit experience. 

Let Business By Designs help you to prepare for success. 


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